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1. The exterior of the doll is made of high standard elastic properties and covers a finely crafted metal skeleton. The exterior is composed of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) coupled with an epoxy resin; TPE is formulated to have the look and feel of real human skin. All materials used in the construction of your girl are harmless to humans, environmentally friendly and comply with the National Health & Safety Standard.  
2. The fully articulated metal skeleton is designed to allow her to be manipulated into a variety of realistic poses. Although the elasticity of TPE is marvelous, excessive stretching for long periods of time may result in deformation. After each use, it is necessary to return your girl to its original positon- lying flat with hands rested downward. If creasing or pressure deformations occur, you may apply a warm cloth to the affected area; use only a cloth which is smooth. Using a highly textured material may result in leaving unwanted impressions on the surface of the model.  
3. Upon inspection of your new girl you may notice several small fillings. These fillings are not classified as manufacturing defects. During the manufacturing process it is necessary to mount the skeleton at precise points for the injection process. These small markings indicate where the support points are located and filled prior to delivery.  
4. Avoid kneading with excessive force or pressure. Keep sharp objects away from your girl.  
5. It is strongly advised to test color fastness of clothing. Some colors and especially dark colors may stain TPE surface. Make certain all clothing is washed and cared for according to manufacturer’s instruction prior to dressing your girl. Remove colored clothing from your girl after use. Store her in original position without clothing to avoid discoloration of TPE material. Wash dark colored clothing frequently to remove excess dyes. 
6. Exposing your girl to sunlight for long periods of time may increase aging of TPE material.  
7. Use only water based sexual lubricants.  
8. To clean your girl, use a mild hand or body soap. Remove head and carefully hand wash separately; be extremely cautious to assure metal neck parts stay dry, cover in plastic if necessary. Wash body using shower head only; do not bathe your girl in sitting water. Using soap on your hands to clean her body is recommended. Clean gently, excessive force or abrasive materials may damage TPE surface. Use cleaning kit (if available) for insert areas. After cleaning blot dry with microfiber or non-shedding towel and allow her to air dry thoroughly in original position Using a large, soft makeup brush apply a light coating of powder or corn starch after washing.